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Professional and Confidential Interview Preparation

Prepare with Interview Expert: Laura Brown. Ms. Brown has helped children make the most of his or her interview for placement in some of NYC's finest institutions. She has helped with companies, head hunters, permanent placement services, as well as children for stage, TV and film employment.


Parents seeking Kindergarten Admissions Preparation will work with Laura Brown, M.S., who conducts highly confidential preparation one on one, with children preparing for their upcoming tests and interviews. Sessions are by appointment only and scheduling is individualized. Children not only develop the necessary skills to take their forthcoming tests but learn relaxation techniques in a holistic and nurturing environment. Children preparing for ERB's and Interviews gain much needed confidence to allow the child to be seen in the most positive light. Ms. Brown has been working with children for 15 years and has a way of bringing out the best in every child.

Our mission is to prepare your child by taking them through excercises they will experience at the test and interview. These exercises are done in a fun and friendly way focusing on bringing out your child's most positive attributes.

**Why Do Private Schools Frown Upon Tutoring, Coaching and Preparation?

Most private schools have a limited number of seats to fill. Many parents are going to great lengths to do whatever it takes to get ahead to try to claim a seat in some of the countries most sought after schools. In some ways, it is harder and more difficult than getting into college." Ms. Brown. Many things are a factor beyond your control and beyond what is announced to the public. There are many reasons as to why a child might be chosen for any given school despite ERB results and despite your child being natural and wonderful at Nursery school. Although these private schools verbally frown upon a child being tutored, parents try to flock to many tutors, lectures, and preparation classes to give their child some guidance. "It is like having a child take the SAT's without ever taking an SAT prep course.The information is standard but the expectation is not." says Ms. Brown. Commonly more children go under the radar who have not had the benefits of exposure to the types of questions placed on these tests or the types of activities expected at a child's interview. The experience may be overwhelming and the testing experience could be alot for a child to focus on without a little help or tutoring. "If a child has some practice, it can make all the difference in showing what your child can really do, instead of the school seeing a very scared, overwhelmed child.
All appointments are private and confidential.

Why leave it to chance?

We will carefully analyze a child's use of: Language skills, Comfort Level and Self-Confidence, Understanding of Test Directions and Tasks, Visual Motor Skills, Work Traits and Motivation as well as Overall Impression. We then create a custom preparation not limited to: story telling, question and answer, easy and complex patterning, puppets, puzzles, and social scenarios created in order to bring out your child's strengths.

Is your child comfortable talking about his or her self? Are you aware of your child's habits and uncomfortable movements that make the interviewer want to go on to the next child? Do you know what attire helps your child to stand out from the other candidates and doesn't get in the way? Do you know that the way your child walks into a room and speaks with other children could help or hinder his or her chances of success?

Prepare your child! Let us guide you through winning strategies to help your child feel more secure and make the interview count!

Reserve early for Kindergarten Preparation. Minimum age 3yr.
Kindergarten Sessions are booked in 45min intervals.

Kindergarten Prep

**Congratulations to our students entering Kindergarten at the school of their choice. We are proud of your achievements.


Interview Consulting for Adult Employment

A note from Laura Brown, MS,

During this great recession I have a much wider range of clients from all levels of salary than in previous years. Winning the job is never easy, opportunity is fleeting and doing your best by numerous reports is no longer merely good enough. I have heard stories of heart break and stories of jubilation as prospective candidates navigate the current job terrain. My tip of the day: remain optimistic. A positive self will project a positive employee. Noone wants a nay sayer on the team at the super bowl and each interview is your super bowl!

Additional topics covered in sessions include: In Addition to Speech and Question and Answer Prep, Presentation, Relaxation, and Preparing Your Material for all your interviews is also covered..

The difference between your job interview and your competitor's will most likely be determined by how well you and your competitor verbally put your skills out there to your interviewer. Executing your skills to an employer for quick evaluation of your work history must be displayed clearly, concisely and confidently. Social skills, mannerisms and nervous behavior can detract from the best part of you. Why risk such an important decision when others are not. It is time to make the most of your opportunity. Sessions are booked by contacting DramaZone. Rates are discussed at the time of booking.

Please note, like any skill worthy of acquiring, time, patience and openess are necessary.


Corporate Speech Training

Corporate Speech Training is available for your sales team or corporate presenters.
If you or your corporation is interested in learning more please contact our Director below.

For all Speech Preparation Call 917-690-0789 to schedule an appointment.
Laura Brown, MS,Director


DramaZone® Teacher Training Certification /

for Preschool and Elementary School Educators

Our DramaZone Teacher Training is a polishing certification that gives your institution teacher preparation that is a step above the rest. Our goal is to "rehearse" teacher lesson plans so classes don't just walk they run! Movement and Arts educators as well as Preschool and Elementary Educators are welcome to attend. We do not leave any moments of their class unexamined. All classes are ironed out for effectiveness, entertainment value and navigating class derailments. This is done by intensely examining teacher lesson plans and overall course goals while incorporating proven skills to further excel class goals. All attendees walk away with an approach that can be used toward ongoing lesson plans. (Attendees must bring three or four lesson plans that they are able to both hand out for review as well as demonstrate).

Level 1 DramaZone Certification is a Weekender Course - Material is detail oriented and teachers will learn to exhibit material using multi sensory methods.
Minimum group of five, Maximum group ten. - If you are ready to give your teachers an edge that puts your institution above the rest, book your weekender today.
Email RisingStar@DramaZoneNYC.com for available dates. Please give us two weekends of choice.
Offered: Sat/Sun 9:30 - 4:30 (1hr lunch). 2- Day Course Rate per attendee: $ 1,150. Registration Fee: 50.
Locations vary but are Manhattan based.

All tuition is non-transferable and non-refundable at the time of booking as time and location have been reserved for your group. Call us with your questions
Ask your institution if Certifcation is eligable for continuing education credit.