DramaZone Dance Studios Calendar and Policies 2010

Tuition: Tuition must be paid in full before the first class and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Register online or mail payment by check w/ your signed registration and signed liability form. Please note, incomplete registration forms will not be accepted. For registration to be complete, we must have a signed liability statement by a parent included with your registration or your child will not be admitted into class.

Attendance: Attendance is required the week before any stage or classroom performance as well as at any dress and technical rehearsals scheduled by school. If a child is not in attendance at that time, then child may be omitted from the performance.

Dress Code: Required. See our home page for Dress Codes for your child's class.

Make-ups: entitled to two but must be made up within four weeks in the same class for classes meeting twice a week.
If a class is offered only once a week, a child may make up in as alternate age appropriate class at the discretion of the instructor. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance with the front desk. SemesterI *Thursday and Saturday classes are entitled to an additional make up class. Semester II Monday and Saturday classes are entitled to an additional make up class.

General Policies: Children Under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. Please arrive at the scheduled time of the class not earlier than 10min. before. DramaZone and /or its staff is not responsible for injury or theft on our property.  DramaZone reserves the right to photograph or videotape for the purposes of advertising. There is a $30 charge issued on each check returned from the bank.

DramaZone Dance Studios

Classes, Performances and Camp: Provide your child with DramaZone's exceptional and original Dance and Drama program. Dance provides excellent coordination, exercise and confidence. Drama improves memory, speech, concentration and confidence. The DramaZone Method of teaching is specifically designed to maximize learning potential. DramaZone achieves this through its' original curriculum devoted to focusing the child's attention to detail through dance and drama. Children perform in an in-class performance for parents and friends in Dec. of Semester I. Many of these pieces will be part of our Semester II Show. Children in Semester II will perform in our BIG SHOW open to the public in MAY! Many of our students may be seen in Videos, Commercials and Feature Films. Our summer campers are often part of an in class video. Always lots of fun. Hope to see you soon! Where?.... Here at the DramaZone!

Kindergarden Admission Prep - By appointment only.

Class Mission:
Our Mission is to give your child the highest level of Dance & Drama Education and just plain FUN! All of our classes bring an element of theatre and movement into your child's life which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Under 5 Classes - offered in a variety of locations.
After School Dance, Drama and Arts Program - ask if we are in your child's school.
Private Lessons - at our location or yours (See below)
Class Descriptions
PopularZone Pop/Jazz Dance - 7-13yrs. and Little PopZone 4 -5 yrs. One of the coolest and consequently most popular classes added to our schedule. Children dance to a variety of styles of hip or popular music from today and hip songs from different times. Your child may even bring in their favorite music if appropriate and kid friendly. Young tweens really build confidence in this easy and fun movement class focusing on stretching and strengthening as well as dance moves they can use forever. Our younger set of 4 and 5's learn coordination and basic popular movements to showcase at their next birthday bash!
PopularZone Tap Dance - 7-13yrs. All Levels.  Children learn a technical tap warm up and choreographed routines to a variety of popular musical styles. All levels are invited to participate and technical elements will be adjusted based on individual skill. Children develop rhythm and coordination and tap dancing can be tons of fun as one student expressed this past semester.
DanceZone Hip Hoppers! - 3.5-5yrs.  Children begin each class with a technical warm up leading into a fun combination for our Hip Hoppers! Hip Hop combinations are created to teach basic hip hop movements that are age appropriate with appropriate music. This up beat class enhances coordination and rhythm is tons of fun and also a good workout for little ones.

DanceZone Hip- Hop, Hip Hop Plus, (Hip Hop Pros Workshop See below) - Ages 5-7 / Ages 6-9 / Ages 10-13.
Children come from far and wide to strut their stuff in our ever popular DramaZone Hip Hop Classes. These classes are great classes for fitness of the mind and body. If your child wants to learn the coolest moves, this is the class to take! Children burst on the scene with today's Hip Hop styles. All music is age appropriate but children should bring their attitude. All of our dance classes begin with a technical, professional warm up. Hip Hop Plus 6-9 is an opportunity to step up your child's game. This class is offered in the spirit of fun but it is a bit more challenging and more technical. Hip Hop Pros Workshop Ages 7 and Up is a first class audition only class. This class is a workout, tons of technique and tons of fun!

KidsZone Acting Games - Ages 5 - 7yrs . (See Acting Games Pros See Below) This class is packed with high energy fun through the magic of theatre! Children explore the world of acting through dynamic games and imaginary role playing.. Children also learn the timing of improvisation,  how to focus their minds through meditation, and develop lingual skills through tongue twisters. Our goal is for children to write their own plays and act them out!
Little KidsZone Acting Games - Ages 4-5yrs. Children explore the imaginary world of fun! Through the use of props and hats children learn to explore different characters. They learn games that enhance confidence and build focus and concentration. Children also learn the timing of improvisation,  how to focus their minds through meditation, and develop lingual skills through silly tongue twisters.
Private Lessons or Group - If you have a group for a private ongoing session or if you would like your child to have a private lessons ask about our availability. If you have a space in your building we would be happy to come to you! Book your child's own Private Lesson or Dance Group w/ one of our instructors. All ages. Available in many styles of dance. Have your own private lesson before a party or have your group enjoy choreography of their favorite song with one of our outstanding staff.
KidsZone Acting Games & More Pros and
Hip Hop Pros
? Ages 7-13: First class approval required. Children take these classes for more than fun. Focus is on learning about the business of show business and technically learning more difficult acting and dancing. Training is based on auditioning and honing of craft. Acting Games and More Pros Class includes lots of games, improvisation, monologues, scenes for auditions, intro to commercials. Children selected in this class will receive speaking parts in our big Show. Hip Hop Pros Class includes choreography featured in today's videos as seen on today's dancers and a more structured discipline. Stretching and Strengthening is an ongoing part of this class. See if you make the cut! All material and music is age appropriate.


Tuition and Class Fees - All Tuition: Non transferable, non refundable. There are no refunds regardless of registration date for all classes.

Semester I: 9/08/08 - 2/01/09 *Closed 11/27/08 - 11/30/08 and 12/22/07 - 1/04/09
Single Classes: $495 (19wks) Registration Fee: $25

Memberships: Semester I $995. Members must demonstrate dedication and intent to learn.
Members Receive: NO CLASS LIMIT
10% off Dramatic Birthday Parties

10% off Summer Camp for the Arts and Hip Hop Camp

Semester II: 2/4/08 - 6/22/08 *Closed 5/23/08-5/26/08 (Early Registration 10% off by December 20, 2007)
Single Class: $520.00 (20wks) Registration Fee: $25
Memberships: Semester II $1,040. Members must demonstrate dedication and intent to learn.
Members Receive: NO CLASS LIMIT
10% off Dramatic Birthday Parties
10% off Summer Camp for the Arts and Hip Hop Camp

Dance and Drama Camp: *Closed 4th of July (Early Registration 10% off by February 20, 2008)
Mon.-Fri. 9am - 3pm Ages 5 - 12yrs.
Registration Fee - $50.00 Weekly Tuition Listed Below
6/23/08 - 6/27/08 - High School Musical I Style. $665.00
6/30/08 - 7/3/08 - Mamma Mia Style. $532.00
7/7/08 - 7/11/08 - Hip Hop Party, $665.00
7/14/08 - 7/18/08 - Grease (Style) the Musical, $665.00
7/21/08 - 7/25/08 - High School Musical II Style /Beach Party, $665.00
7/28/08 - 8/1/08 - Hannah Montana Style, $665.00

Hip Hop Camp Intensive: (Early Registration 10% off by March 20, 2008)
Mon. - Fri. 1pm - 4pm Ages 5 - 12yrs.
Registration Fee: $50.00 Weekly Tuition Listed Below
8/4/08 - 8/8/08 W
eek 1 $350.00
8/11/08 - 8/15/08 Week 2 $350.00
Both Weeks - $675.00

Dramatic Birthday Party Extravaganzas- We can fill all your party needs! Call for details and dates available. Book your date early!

DramaZone Dance and Drama Summer Camp - Registration has begun!

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