Class Location:
220 East 86th St. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
New York, NY 10028

Registration : 917-690-0789


Sept. 8, 2008 - Feb. 1, 2009 (19 Weeks)
Single Class Tuition: $495.00
/ per class plus a $30.00 Registration Fee
Membership Tuition: $995.00 (no registration fee, unlimited age appropriate classes
10% off birthday party and summer dance and drama camp.)

Dates we are Closed: Nov. 27- Nov. 30, 2008
(The above dates entitled to one additional make-up class)
Winter Break: Dec. 22, 2008 - Jan. 4, 2009
(The above dates are not entitled to any additional make-up classes)

Dress Code Required- See Opening Menu
DramaZone T-Shirt, Leotard of assigned color, black jazz pants and black jazz shoes and black socks.
Girls: Hair must be pulled back from face in a ponytail.
Children under 5 please see Class Policies for alternatives.

*All tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable and termination is at the discretion of the director
in the best interest of the child or the program.

Registration: 20% OFF when you register before May 29, 2008; 10% OFF when till July 31, 2008. Print out and mail in your signed form with a check or credit card to DramaZone Ltd.Attn: Registration, 220 East 86th St., NYC, NY 10028. Register by credit card over the phone and mail in your accompanying form and liability form within the week. (Incomplete Registration Forms will not be accepted.)

Name of Class: ____________________________________________________

Day and Time of Class:_______________________________________________

Name of Second Class: ______________________________________________

Day and Time of Class:_______________________________________________

Membership Child's Name: __________________________________$995/per child

Membership Child's D/O/B_____________________________________________


Phone:____________ Cell Phone:____________ Emergency No.:_______________

Address:_________________Apt._____City_______State___Zip Code__________

Credit Card type (circle one): Visa        Master Card      American Express

Credit Card number:_____________________________________________

Expiration Date:_________________________________________________

Child?s Name:___________________________________________________

Child?s Age:_________________ Child?s D/O/B/:______________________

Caregiver?s Name:________________________________________________

Caregiver?s Phone:________________________________________________

How did you hear of DramaZone? (Please circle)

Parent Guide Magazine -- Website -- Big Apple Parent Magazine --UrbanBaby.com --Flyer -- Friend --DramaZone--Go City Kids. Teacher_______________________Other_________________________________

Discounts: Only One discount is applied. 

1) Register before May 29th _____ (Rate before registration fee.)
2) 10% off a 2nd Membership__________

Total $________

Please sign the required enrollment agreement and return signed form with payment to our corporate offices by check or credit card (visa, master card, and amex accepted) at DramaZone 220 East 86th St. New York, NY 10028. Checks may be made out to DramaZone. Child will not be permitted in class without a signed liability and registration form.

Your cancelled check and/or credit card statement is your receipt.

Thank you for choosing a DramaZone Class. Inquire about Dramatic Birthday Party Extravaganza. We can fill all your party needs!

DramaZone Ltd. Enrollment Agreement ( must be signed and filled in for a registration to be valid)

Child?s Name:________________________________________________________________

1. The undersigned parent or guardian (Parent) of the above child agrees to pay DramaZone the non-refundable non-transferable fee of $_____________________ for Semester I.

2. The parent understands that time and date for each of the ___________ sessions has been pre-determined by the Program and provided in advance of the parent.

3. Once a parent or guardian has registered the student, the parent understands and agrees that there is no credit or refund for missed or unused sessions and that all fees paid to the program are non-refundable and non-transferable. If there is space available in another class within that semester it is at the discretion of the Board of Directors to apply payment to another class within the same semester only.

4. The Parent understands and agrees that the Directors/Teachers of the program have the right to terminate the enrollment of any child from the program, at any time if the Director/Teacher, in his or her sole discretion, determines that the continued attendance of the child in the Program is not in the best interest of the child or the Program, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that the student?s enrollment may be terminated for a violation of the rules or regulations of the Program, at the Program?s sole discretion, without any refund or cancellation of tuition, which the undersigned nevertheless agrees to pay in accordance with the terms of this contract.

5. The Parent grants the Program and it?s Events permission to include photographs and videos taken during the sessions and events, in which his/her child may appear in program literature, demonstrations, informational and /or promotional materials.

6. In the event that the Parent cannot be reached and a situation arises which the Program Director/ Teacher defines as an emergency, the parent hereby grants permission to the Program Director/Teacher to secure and provide for necessary medical treatment, including hospitalization.

7. The Parent understands that the Program does not have the services of a nurse or other medical personnel on premises to administer medication or provide medical treatment. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that, to the extent that the student is required to be administered medication during the time that the child is in the program that, non-medical staff would administer such medication.

8. I/we the Parent of the above child understand that part of the experiences that my/our child will be having may be new to my child, and they come with certain risks and uncertainties beyond what my child may be used to dealing with at home or in his/her school environment. I/we realize that no environment is risk-free, and we are prepared to assume on behalf of our child, the risk involved in his/her participation in the DramaZone program. The Parent furthermore releases and holds harmless the Program, its agents and employees from all claims, damages or other liability for injury to the student where such claims, damages, or other liability is not the result of gross negligence by the Program, its agents, or employees. The Parent further agrees and acknowledges that the Program is not responsible for any medical expenses for the child.

__________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Father or Guardian Mother or Guardian
__________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Signature Signature
__________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Date Date

220 East 86th St.
New York, NY 10028