Welcome to DramaZone® an Award Winning childhood movement based revolution! We specialize in making exercising fun while learning more! Class topics include but are not limited to: All Styles of Dance, Musical Theatre, Sports and of course Drama since in all classes we present a custom curriculum where children use all five senses. Our classes specialize in Preschool through 5th Grade but classes run through High School! Our classes have revolutionized the way children exercise learning more while making exercise FUN! Our professional children’s classes include high-quality professional arts training.

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Musical Theater
Ballet Creatives™
NYC’s Original
Gone Wild!™
Hip Hop
Tap-Tastic Dance™
Fit Kids™
Broadway Dance Jam™

ARTS AND SPORTS CLASSES CITYWIDE! During School Day Classes (as part of your curriculum), Afterschool Classes, Preschool Classes. Considering a DramaZone® Class at your school? We would be happy to provide a complimentary class to your school in a variety of subjects. We believe in the advancement of education through fun and physical movement as well as exercise of the mind and body. The proof is in our classes proud to be offered citywide and in NYC surrounds. DramaZone® is where Exercise Meets TheatreTM.

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