It’s Open To Debate™ – America’s Debate Academy

An established and comprehensive  K – 12 curriculum inter-weaving Civic Debate with Presentational Public Speaking.  Our courses offer powerful life skills effectually improving learning, test scores and communication.  We aim to offer student’s a launch pad toward becoming tomorrow’s outstanding entrepreneurs,  business leaders, lawyers, teachers, politicians, global leaders as great communicators.  

Public Forum Debate is the basis for our courses with overviews and technical skills for Parliamentary Debate and Policy Debate.  All classes are designed toward the development of critical thinking, public speaking and persuasive argumentation.  We are a team of highly qualified experienced instructors.  Our staff include experts and coaches from competitive and civic debate, linguistic artists and educators, business executives, legal minds as well as instructors featured in our many “In Person” Debate Classes Nationally as well as in NYC’s finest private and public institutions.   

Our current and ongoing list of Debate Courses cover an exciting and broad range of topics. All courses are carefully designed to expand curiosity and build effective oral and written communication skills.  Students will receive direct coaching from our expert educators in order to improve at their level but all classes maintain a goal of fun and open mindedness.  Where possible, students are teamed up by grade or level.  Our Upper School and Middle School coaching may require oral criticism in the spirit of improvement and these classes require a 70% or more attendance rate.