What people are saying about Debate Academy…

“Now when I talk back to my dad he listens, so cool.”

–  Jordan (6th Grade)

“You folks are brilliant, I get the biggest kick listening how passionate my child is. Someone should have started this sooner for my older kids”.

– Becca C. – Mom of Freddy (2nd Grade)

“My brother and I take these really special classes on Zoom then there are all the normal classes.”

– Jason (2nd Grade)

“My child sits up straight for Debate Class but not at the dinner table.”

– Abigail M. – Mom of Sara (5th Grade)

“I didn’t think that breathing was important, who knew I could win an argument just by taking a big breath, oh and using all my new words”

– Annabelle (3rd Grade)

“My child logs in from the car, the dentist, she won’t miss a class, great for her self esteem”.

– Lori D. – Mom of Jennifer (4th Grade)

“My favorite class is Debate because my dad and I argue about the environment and sometimes I let my dad win”

– Austin (8th Grade)

“You guys are great!  I considered putting William in SAT prep but figured this could be good as I’m tired of debating whether my son should pull his pants up.  Now he tells me why his argument is better and now he’s trying to teach me why my argument won’t win. His vocabulary has grown overnight. Great course.”  

– Elliot K. – Dad of Eric (8th Grade)