My son Alesandro attended the DramaZone camp last summer and is currently enrolled in the Kids Zone after-school drama activity. I highly recommend it! The Staff is a highly devoted group of people who sincerely care about the development of the children. When my son attended the summer camp at the age of 5, he was part of a mixed age group that the Director handled beautifully. Each child’s creativity was tapped in an age appropriate fashion. And while the children had a great time everyday, I also observed it as a rich learning environment. I chose the DramaZone camp because I wanted my son to have an outlet for his creative energy, but was extremely pleased to see how it also boosted his confidence and sense of self. We are greatly looking forward to a second summer at the DramaZone camp this year.
– Kidzone Mom

Dear Laura,
Danielle had a great party thanks to your wonderful staff.
As a Caedmon parent thank you for your generosity
and donating to the school. I will recommend drama
zone to my friends. Have a fabulous summer!

Regards, Robin

Dear Laura,
I just wanted to thank you so very much and let you know that we had a wonderful time on Sunday. Your staff was incredible and my daughter was absolutely enamored with Cinderella. She didn’t participate in much (I knew that would happen) because she just HAD to be with Cinderella at every moment. But the other kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the parents had a ball just watching all the fun. The time went by too quickly and I know that everyone slept well that night. It was a truly memorable birthday and I appreciate your staff’s help with making it so.
Best, Laura

Dear Laura,
Thanks for a great party. Lally had so much fun and so did everyone else. Many remarked on what a great job your staff does and I thought you’d like to know that. Hope to be back soon for something!
Best, Melinda

Sarah has always been very quiet as you know. We still have the picture of her hugging the coach. After last semester her speech and confidence has taken a leap. Thanks to DramaZone and Coach Melissa for bringing out our dear one.
Amanda P.

Hello DramaZone,
My son loved drama and we have had him in many camps and classes. He just had a blast last Spring and says he only wants to go to DramaZone. Please save room for him in the Fall. We are traveling and will register as soon as we are back from Thailand.  Let us know when registration opens!
Marian S.

Is there room left in Ballet Creatives?  The recital was adorable. Margo loved Sleeping Beauty, she wore her fairy wings at the beach.  
Grandma Rachel

Zachary and Maya both loved DramaZone! We weren’t sure they should both be in the same class but the way your team worked with both age groups was remarkable.
S. Kleinman 

We had a marvelous acting program back home in Atlanta. Your musical theater program was exactly what Maddie wanted in New York.  She felt like she was “making her ny debut”. She didn’t expect to make as many friends as she did so thank you for smoothing over our move to the city!
Jacob and Jessica P.

We are doing Tap again this year. I thought she would get tired of it but all she wants to do is practice her steps at home. Her teacher is great. We want to get her a small practice floor for her room. Is there anything you recommend?
Georgia E.